Monday, September 14, 2009

It's All About the Food!

This week I will be in Washington, Virginia and Maryland. I'm really excited that on Tuesday in D.C. I will be eating in two Three-star restaurants, 1789 and Kinkeads. Kinkeads is famous for seafood and I'm planning to have something with crab.(Kinkead's was excellent but no crab!)

Wednesday we drove down to Colonial Williamsburg stopping at a vineyard for lunch and tasting. Our evening meal was at Christiana Campbell's' Tavern and we were welcomed by Mrs. Campbell and there was entertainment by period interpreters. I also have a dinner reservation for Friday at The Fat Canary, another three star restaurant.

Thursday night we had dinner at Pierce's Pitt Barbecue. I will write in detail later because it was everything a BBQ joint in the South should be!

In between I know we'll be searching for more crab. When we lived in Maryland and my husband worked in D.C. our favorite dinner was cracking into a dozen steamed crabs on a table covered with newspaper. We even purchased our own crab mallets for this event. I still have the mallets 30 years later but unfortunately, haven't had a chance to use them in Minnesota! We've not had much crab, maybe tomorrow.

Saturday night we will be in Annapolis, one of our favorite colonial towns, and we're planning to eat on the docks.

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