Monday, August 23, 2010

Timely Info on Eggs

With the recall of millions of eggs, it's time to review egg safety and quality. The USDA recently release a study comparing the nutritional value of "factory eggs", uncaged eggs and organic eggs.

The scientific study found that organic or uncaged eggs were no healthier than factory eggs. What is especially interesting is that the factory eggs were safer to eat! So choosing eggs from organic or uncaged chickens is a moral and ethical choice, not a nutritional issue.

Organic eggs haven't been studied for antibiotic content but in general, organic chickens are not dosed with antibiotics unless they are sick, and lose organic designation in this case. Organic eggs were higher in PCB's that factory eggs.

With the recent recall, the important factor is that when the eggs were found to contain salmonella, it was possible to locate the source and make changes.

Don't let eggs stand at room temperature more than 2 hours. Cook foods containing raw eggs to 160 degrees F. and refrigerate foods containing eggs withing two hours. The key to avoiding salmonellosis is safe handling of eggs and egg products.

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