Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Typical Tuscan Dinner

Our first night in "our" Tuscan villa near San Casciano in Val de Pesa, Judy Witts Francini catered our dinner. We started with cheese, crackers, a plate of salami and marinated olives out on the terrace. The view was just what you think Tuscan looks like, vineyards running across the hill, San Casciano perched on top of the closest ridge and an ancient tower highlighted in the setting sun. We had all spent a few days in different parts of Italy before meeting at the villa so we had lots of catching up to do.

The dinner exceeded our expectations. Our first course was Crespelle filled with spinach and ricotta. Crespelle are crepes that are traditionally served around Easter. Bright red cherry tomatoes, wild arugula and shave Parmesan was the perfect salad that followed. Judy drizzled local olive oil and balsamic vinegar (the thick syrupy kind) for a dressing.

We liked the balsamic, Judy suggested we go to the CO-OP where it is sold. We emptied the shelves- it was such a good buy.

By the time for the secondi, we decide to keep it for another meal and skipped to dessert. The panna cotta was made with heavy cream and served with fresh local berries. The berries everywhere in Italy tasted like the local berries that appear so briefly in Minnesota.

The perfect start to an extraordinary week.

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