Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Feast of Santa Lucia

December 13, the day the feast of Santa Lucia, is celebrated in all of the Scandinavian countries but especially in Sweden and Norway on December 13. This day was thought to be the shortest day of the year as late as the 19th century. The lighted candles symbolize the fire that refused to take the life of Santa Lucia when she was condemned to death. In Sweden, one girl is selected to be Santa Lucia and she wears a crown of candles on her hear. Star Boys also participate in the celebration. Lucia Buns flavored with saffron and cookies are usually served on this day.

Yesterday, my husband and I drove to Central MN to the Valley Troll for a book signing of Scandinavian Classic Baking. The shop owners has invited friends to a feast of cookies, rice pudding and fruit soup. We were fortunate to have "Santa Lucia and Star Boy" join the fun. Santa Lucia shared ginger cookies and after they were tapped by Star Boy with his wand, we made a wish and pressed to break the cookie. If the cookie broke into 3 pieces, wishes will come true.

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Tina said...

Hi Pat! your blog looks great! Happy baking! -Tina