Monday, March 5, 2012

Tastes of the Southwest

Everything I've read says not to apologize for not posting but it's been so long I do apologize. We've been traveling and I have been learning about foods of the Southwest, specifically in the Phoenix area.

Yesterday we attended the Heard Museum Indian Art Fair and Show. The quality of the art was superior and it was fascinating seeing the many ways of expressing the Native American culture. Having mostly attended art fairs in the Midwest, the style of art from clay Navajo  masks, to exquisitely woven baskets with intricate designs, and delicate beading used for adornments and many examples of silver jewelry made us plan to attend again.

I sat in on a food demonstration by author and food writer, Carolyn Niethammer, featuring wild foods of the SW. Tepary beans were domesticated by native American tribes and have been used as food since pre-Colombian times. They are cooked in the same way as other dried beans, but usually require longer cooking. She made Tepary Bean Bruscheta but pureeing the cooked beans with lots of fresh basil and spreading on toasted bread. The beans didn't have much flavor but the basil came through and the tapanade used as garnish. The Heard Museum Cafe also serves a Tepary Bean Stew.

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