Thursday, August 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Juila- 100 Years Ago This Week!

Julia Child taught me to cook. Well, not personally but I learned much about food preparation watching the French Chef in the 70's. I had a degree from Purdue in Food Research by that time but little experience with everyday cooking and no familiarity with French cuisine.
While my son napped I sat glued to the TV watching Julia. I saw the infamous chicken go flying off the counter and Julia's nonchalant response, returning it to the set. I loved her casual attitude that even dishes that weren't perfect were edible and appetizing. Julia's philosophy: Don't start by saying this is a failure- just give it a different name.

There's a lot on the Internet now because this week marks Julia's 100th birthday.  Here's a list of some of my favorites, mostly from Mastering the Art of French Cooking:
          Coquille St. Jacques
          Roast Chicken
          Beef Stew in Red Wine with Bacon and Mushrooms
          Peas Braised with Lettuce and Onions
          Cherry Clafouti
          Coq au Vin
          French Onion Soup

Beef Stew in Red Wine, Coq au Vin and French Onion Soup are examples of clearly written recipes in Julia's unique style. These recipes cover several pages and proceed step-by-step slowly building up layers of flavor and perfectly cooked ingredients.

One of the most popular themes in cooking today is 30 Minutes or less. In 30 minutes or less you don't get the intense flavors and perfectly cooked textures that come only from taking a little more time.

Go to or or  to find some of Julia's recipes online.

Writing this post has reminded me how much I enjoyed the results of Cooking with Julia. I need to go back and recreate some of her fabulous meals.

Thanks Julia!

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