Monday, March 31, 2008

An Author Talk in Shakopee

On Saturday I gave a presentation at the Scott County Library in Shakopee. They had e-mailed me about being videotaped and I agreed but then forgot about it. I was reminded as we got out of the car and a man with a video camera preceded us into the building. I think it went well but you do feel differently when a camera with a red light is focused on you! It will be shown on cable in Shakoppe and I am getting a copy so I'm hoping Edina will run it, too.

Fortunately when I had spoken at the Edina Library last spring, I had written good notes. As I reviewed my notes, they brought back many memories. Like when my published suggested a needed a writer for the copy (My response: No! I'll learn to write better. ) and another, once again from my publisher ,"I sold the business!".

Well, I did learn to write better, after going through the manuscript three more times. And the new publisher was great but I can't describe my feelings at first. I felt abandoned. As I read the headnotes, there were many happy memories- especially of my mother, and my family and friends and what they taught me about consumers- and recipe directions!

I'm finishing up a recipe project and finalizing my cookbook proposal for "Cooking for Two" this week but will post a recipe later. Pat

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