Monday, January 19, 2009

Baklava Ice Cream

Last week I was in Utica, NY visiting my new grandson. We were able to eat out one night (the first time my daughter had been out) and went to their favorite restaurant, Symeon's, which has traditional Greek food.

One dish from that dinner stands out, Baklava Ice Cream. It consists of a phyllo cup with ground walnuts in the bottom covered with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The classic honey-lemon syrup if drizzled over the whole thing. It is a clever update of a traditional food that is familiar to everyone.

I prepared a few extra meals for them and discovered that pasta is ubiquitous in "hot dishes". I also discovered Barilla Plus Pasta. It contains whole grains but is much lighter that whole wheat pasta and I intend to use it more often. In addition to spaghetti and meatballs, I made a casserole similar to Chicken Tetrazini (from Cooking Light) and a Northern Italian Lasagna. It's called Green Lasagna on Emerils web site but I just used regular lasagna and didn't make my own green noodles. Instead of ricotta cheese is has a bechamel sauce (white sauce) and is rich and creamy.


All About Food said...

Hi Pat,
Welcome back. The baklava dessert you describe sounds divine. Will you try to recreate it? If so, please share specific recipe/directions. My cookbook club is meeting in February and our theme is "Go Greek." it would be fun to serve this dessert.

Pat Sinclair said...

Hi Sue- I may eventually try to recreate it but I know you could figure it out. Shape some phyllo into cup cake tins and bake. I think the filling on the bottom was just ground walnuts and some sugar, maybe cinnamon. Add a scoop of ice cream and use the honey syrup that is poured over baklava. It makes my mouth water! Pat