Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Do you eat Five a day?

Here's some more ideas for healthier eating and ways to add more fruit and vegetables to your diet during National Nutrition Month. Don't just do it this month. Simple changes can have long lasting effects.

Start with Breakfast- instead of orange juice, eat on orange. When you have an omelet add a vegetable such as spinach or mushrooms. Make toast from whole grain bread. Choose cereal that is high in fiber.

Add more vegetables to dinner. Don't just serve one veggie, serve two. Always serve a salad. i admit I use a lot of the bagged salad greens but I don't like to wash lettuce.

Make different choices in restaurants. Ask to substitute a vegetable for French fries or order a baked potato instead. Ask for salad dressing on the side.

Make good snack choices. This is the perfect place to nibble on fruit. If you crave something crunchy and salty, look for low fat snacks like pretzels or crackers that are high in fiber.

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