Friday, April 17, 2009

Eating Out

Earlier this week I had dinner at Heidi's Restaurant in south Minneapolis. My friend and I each ordered an appetizer which we shared and they were fabulous. We had a carrot filled ravioli with basil and a colorful beet salad with endive and fennel and a beet reduction There was some soy sauce in the dressing which was a happy surprise. Both were beautifully arranged but the restaurant was too dark to take a good photo. We both ordered the night's special a grilled halibut served with a "haupia cake". We asked about the haupia cake and our served described it well but I found out I didn't like it. It was like a coconut custard breaded with panko crumbs and fried. The halibut was cooked perfectly. Now that halibut is back in season I order whenever I can.

Today I met a friend at The Baker's Wife, also in south Minneapolis. We sampled three items and found them interesting. A caramel cake was filled with a firm cream cheese filling and a little caramel sauce. I liked the Almond Tart the best- a cakelike filling with ground almonds was surrounded by a tender pastry. My friend said the Chocolate Filled Muffin was very good and loaded with chocolate flavor. The prices were really low and it was an old-fashioned bakery with charm.

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