Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bits of Wisdom About Healthy Fish

There were lots of bits of wisdom last night at Edesia Cookbook Review with Kim Ode. Damon Holston of Coastal Seafood suggested deciding how you want to cook fish and then choosing the best fish for that method. Two fish that are currently popular are barramundi (a perch) and Artic char.

For kabobs on the grill try swordfish, tuna, marlin or cobia. After a short marinade grill the fish chunks and vegetables on separate skewers so each can be cooked to the proper doneness.

Don't forget about holdover cooking time. Bret Bannon, a local chef and teacher, suggested buying an extra piece of fish (for a dinner party) and using it to determine the proper cooking time. The best way to judge doneness is to lift a portion with a knife tip. Don't cook "until fish flakes with a fork" because at that point the fish is already overcooked.

Wild fish should be cooked through to kill parasites unless the fish has been frozen. High quality fish is fish that has been processed shortly after being caught and then stored in ice. Unless you catch it yourself, "fresh" fish is probably several days old.

Here's a simple way to grill any fish, especially salmon. Oil the grill and the fish and place the fish skin side down on the grill. Don't try to turn the fish as it will fall apart when cooked. When properly cooked, it releases from the grill.

Good quality fish requires little seasoning. Just a little salt, pepper and a squeeze of lemon.

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