Thursday, May 28, 2009

Watch Out for Sodium

I've just finished an article on sodium and the ways it has an impact on health. Consuming high amounts of sodium each day raises your risk for heart disease, strokes and hypertension.

In the summer we have hamburgers cooked on the grill and I always top mine with ketchup and mayonnaise. Both of these condiments contain significant sodium so I'm going to try other toppings. Instead of salt, sprinkle fresh herbs or lemon juice on cooked vegetables.

The recommended limit for adults is 2300 mg per day of sodium (sodium is one of the two components in salt).

One of the most effective ways to decrease sodium in your diet is to prepare more foods at home. Minimally processed foods are the most healthy. Fast food and restaurant food are high in sodium. Reading the nutrition labels on all foods will help you make changes.

Also limit bacon, ham and processed meats, canned vegetables, frozen dinners, canned and dry soups, sauce, salad dressings, snacks and seasoning mixes.

As you gradually reduce your salt consumption your tastes will adjust and you will no longer crave salt.

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