Thursday, June 4, 2009

Green City Market- Chicago

Last week we were on a road trip to Chicago and Indiana. It was a multi-cultural eating event (more later). On Saturday we went to the Green City Market in Lincoln Park, named one of the top organic markets in the US by Alice Waters. Their goal is to support "the highest quality sustainable agriculture".

It's asparagus time! Locally grown organic asparagus was heaped high on many farmers' tables. We purchased a bunch that had been picked on Friday. (Many of the farmers leave home in the middle of the night to be there for the 7 a.m. opening.) It was crisp and delicately flavored and certainly the freshest I have ever eaten.

Because it's is still early in the season the fresh produce was limited. We also saw tables of mushrooms, rhubarb and many herbs, green plants and fresh flowers. Poultry and pork farmers were also there along with several cheese makers from Wisconsin. We bought an unusual cheese that needs to be heated and samples were being grilled. It softens but doesn't melt.

Toim Laurell from Bin 36 restaurant was doing a demo but unfortunately we were too late to get recipes. While we watched he created a simple method for cooking cherries in port sous vide.

I have a fabulous photo of asparagus that I'll post tonight after I download it.

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