Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Make the Most of Dinner Out

Lately I've seem two articles related to making the most of a restaurant meal.

The first was the final column by Frank Bruni, restaurant critic of the New York Times, where he discusses how to choose from a menu. Bruni recommends not ordering any appetizers or entrees that are like dishes you've seen elsewhere because the chef's heart isn't in them. Don't order dishes "aggressively fanciful" because too much ego may be in them. And don't order anything with truffle oil!

Andrew Knowlton, BA foodist, answers two readers' questions in the September issue with surprising answers. If you are told a restaurant only has reservations 5:30 or 10:30 available, is it true? Yes, most likely because everyone wants to dine at 7:00 and a restaurant needs to be full all evening. He suggests asking to be on the waiting list and calling back the afternoon of the day you want to dine and ask about cancellations.

Should you be disappointed if a celebrity chef isn't cooking the night you are there? Actually, Andrew states that you are better off if the chef isn't in the house so that the chef de cuisine and sous chefs can do their best. They have something to prove. And they will be the next celebrity chefs!

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