Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Buttery Croissants

Whenever I'm in Phoenix there's always a new restaurant to visit. Yesterday I went to P. Croissant in Tempe and bought a dozen croissants. But not just any croissants, I selected a unique assortment.

When I entered the store I expected to find bakery cases full of a variety of buttery crescents but the cases were empty! Fortunately there were croissants just coming out of the oven. I got two each of their most popular, Bavarian custard, almond and chocolate. The remaining six were assorted and we are still decoding to see what we have.

P. Croissant makes 21 kinds of filled croissants and places a code in frosting on top of each. The box has a sheet that shows the different flavors. So far we've tried cinnamon apple, raspberry, and cinnamon apple. All were delicious.

The croissants are very light and delicate with a buttery flavor that isn't overly rich. We'll go back but next time we'll preorder!

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Mr.Nice said...

looks delicious..hmm,I`m getting munchies.