Friday, January 8, 2010

Golden Fig- A New Favorite

Yesterday I stopped at the Golden Fig on Grand Avenue in St. Paul. It's exactly the kind of store I search out when I'm traveling but hadn't gone across the river to visit. At a recent meeting of Les Dames d'Escoffier a friend mentioned the Sel de Cuisne,a savory salt containing sea salt, rosemary, tarragon,garlic, peppers and Cinnamon that the Golden Fig makes and sells. She said "It's makes everything taste better" so I tested her theory.

I sprinkled it on some reheated green beans leftover from a recent meal. It was amazing how much difference it made. Next I'm going to rub it on a chicken breast before sauteing.

Another product I tried was the Vanilla Caramel Sauce mentioned in the Star Tribune. Let's just say that it makes a delicious dessert 'by the spoonful'. After the mention in the Star Tribune, they went crazy preparing it in their Minneapolis kitchen to meet the sudden need. I plan to try it on Apple Crisp and to top a Brownie Sundae.

Here's their web site:

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