Friday, June 25, 2010

Food Stylying Advice from Delores Custer

I've signed a contract with Pelican Publishing to create Scandinavian Classic Baking which will be published in spring, 2011. In addition to developing the recipes I'm also going to be the stylist for many of the photos. There's a photo of every recipe. I know just enough about styling food for photo to know how much I don't know and that it takes an alchemists magic for success.

That leads me back to Delores. I actually met her years ago when she was in Minneapolis for Food on Film, sponsored by the Twin Cities HEIB. I know how much respect she has in the industry and was delighted when she published Food Styling- The Art of Preparing Food for the Camera.

In her 400 page generously illustrated book she covers how to become a food stylist and the importance of food skills in success. In addition she give specific tips for many kinds of food and the ethics involved in showing products honestly. There are many photos showing the same food surrounded by different colors, lighting and props. Beautiful food isn't enough, you must develop an eye.

In addition she provides lists of equipment, tips on selecting produce and much more. My favorite part is the stories she tells of specific shoots and what was involved; she prepared the food held by Paul Newman in a promotion for Newman's Own Diablo Sauce. It was smokin' and so was he, surrounded by fire.

This book is worth the investment for anyone who wants to take great shots of food.