Friday, October 29, 2010

Scottish Food Adventure

There are two dinners that I want to write about before I move on from our Scotland trip. Wednesday night we ate at 63 Tay Street in Perth, listed as one of the top 10 restaurants in Scotland. We didn't know it but the meals was prix fixe (36 pounds) and consisted of five courses.

Two courses stand out in my memory. The amuse bouche was a shooter of orange granita, fresh orange slice and a sweet tender date.My first course was Jerusalem Artichoke Veloute with Diver Scallops. The veloute was velvety smooth and savory and scallops were briny sweet. This dish was the single best dish I had in Scotland.

Our final night in Edinburgh we feasted on seafood at the Cafe Royal. Just off of Princes Street, we would never have found it if we didn't have good directions. Parts of Chariots of Fire were filmed here and it is just what we all think an old pub should be- dark paneled walls and shining glassware surrounding an ancient bar.

We ate in the pub area and had our first taste of Cullen Skink with Abroath Smokie- this is a rich smoky chowder filled with smoked salmon and potatoes. Cafe Royal Fish Stew (photo above)and Traditional Beer Battered Fish and chips both were very good entrees. For the last time we ended with Sticky Toffee Pudding topped with a poached pear and ice cream. Good thing we did a lot of walking!!

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