Thursday, October 21, 2010

Starting the Day with a Scottish Breakfast

Shortly before we left for Scotland, a friend told me we would have the same breakfast at every B&B during our stay. I was surprised and really thought they'd be different as B&Bs in the states are very creative. She was right!!

At each of the four B&Bs where we spent the night we got "traditional Scottish breakfast". We couldn't believe it- it included a fried egg (fried in bacon fat), one or two strips of bacon (much meatier than ours), sausage (links or patties), toast, a grilled tomato half, a potato scone (similar to lefse and not what we consider a scone at all, mostly mashed potatoes, lightly fried)and baked beans.

We were well fed but somewhat disappointed, although we both liked the potato scone.

If I'm rambling, I'm still a little jet lagged!


TeenBlogger said...

WOOT MINNESOTA (sorry, just had to say that since I don't see a lot of fellow MN bloggers).

Food in the pic looks good :) Although sounds like you didn't have the best fun eating it...Oh well, there's always the next meal.

Pat Sinclair said...

The next meals were great, especially in Edinburgh! Pub food was OK.