Monday, August 15, 2011

Can-it-Forward Day. Really?

Can-It-Forward Day was supposedly August 13. Of course, I've never heard of it before today but it spotlights an important trend. With the current interest in buying local sustainable produce it naturally follows that consumers want to take advantage and capture the peak of freshness. Often local produce is also organic so that another important consideration. However, unless you grow your own produce, it's probably not economical but you will certainly enjoy the results of your labor in January.

I used to do a lot of canning in the summer but only of acidic fruits and vegetables. The reason for concentrating on these foods was my concern about food safety for my family. With all the current interest in food preservation by canning, I am concerned that novices aren't taking the time to follow the proper procedures. Acidic fruits and vegetables packed in vinegar can be safely canned using a boiling water bath but most vegetables require processing in a pressure food canner. Botulism can be the result of improperly processed vegetables.

Get directions from a reliable source before taking on a canning project. The USDA, state extension services and manufacturers such as Ball Jars are good resources. Preserving tomatoes as a sauce, sweet and sour or dill pickles or dilly green beans are all ways to capture the freshness of summer so you can enjoy it in winter.

Use recipes that have been developed in the last 15 years, don't take a chance with Grandma's recipes.

Here's a good resource.

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