Monday, January 23, 2012

Mc Cormick Flavor Forecast for 2012

McCormick has identified 6 major trends for 2012 by assembling a group of culinary professionals from around the world over the course of a year. Last week Ellen Gibbs, Principal Food Technologist,  presented their findings to a group of Minneapolis consumer and food professionals. This year is the first time they took a world-view in their  research since McCormick is used in over 100 countries.  In addition we were able to taste representative samples from each category. For more details on their results  and recipes go to

TREND: Honoring roots. Authentic flavor with modern flair such as cumin with sofrito

TREND: Quest for the ultimate. Quality ingredients, flavors and textures such as Lemon Tart with Meyer lemon, lemon thyme and limoncello

TREND: Vegies in Vogue. Fresh seasonal vegetables with new techniques and spices, eggplant with honey and harissa, squash with red curry

TREND: Simplicity Shines. Back to basic clear flavors. Vanilla with butter (what's better?), ginger and coconut

TREND: Flavorful Swaps. Balancing bold flavor and healthful foods. Little changes leading to big results. Red tea with Cinnamon and Plum, grapefruit with red pepper

TREND: No Boundaries. Blending new ideas and ignoring the confines of traditional "rules". Freedom to explore. Sweet soy with tamarind and black pepper, blueberry cardamon and corn masa

This is a very brief review of their findings. These findings are a catalyst for future product and menu development. One of their surprise findings is that food lovers around the world have a lot in common.

Two of my favorite flavor combos from the samples were Squash, Red Curry and Pancetta Sweet Potato Chips and Red Tea, Cinnamon and Plum Flavored Chewy Taffy.

Some of these flavor combinations are only available in commercial applications but watch for new flavors at the supermarket or try some of these combinations youself!

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