Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Joe's Farm Grill as Advertised

Last week we had lunch at Joe's Farm Grill in Agritopia, AZ. It's close to Gilbert where my son and his family live. With the boys in school, we were off to a fresh and fabulous lunch. Joe's had recently been featured on Food TV on Drive-Ins, Diner's and Dives. This exposure has greatly increased the lines and wait for food- great for Joe but less so for customers. It's is a very casual restaurant. Food is ordered at a window and you are given a number. When you food is ready, your number is called. Everything is freshly prepared after it is ordered but the lines are constantly moving. We ate outside on a picnic table near the misters which kept the flies away.

I must admit that my favorite items was the Sweet Potato Fries- why has it taken the food world so long to start frying sweet potatoes? The fries were warm, with crispy edges, lightly salted and slightly sweet from the concentrated sugars of the raw potatoes.

Joe's emphasizes local ingredients- fruits, vegetables and herbs are produced at the Farm in Agritopia. In addition they search for healthful ingredients such as transfat free oils for frying.

The rest of our menu consisted of BBQ Bacon Blue Burgers and an Ahi Tuna Sandwich. It was as advertised- fresh, flavorful and simply prepared. We're going to make it a regualr when we are in Gilbert.

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Dana McCauley said...

Sweet potato fries - yum! I love them, too.

There's a great restaurant at Blue Mountain in Collingwood that makes sweet potato poutine: sweet potato fries topped with gravy and blue cheese. Divine!