Friday, June 20, 2008

The Tastes and Trends of Baby Boomers

Yesterday I participated in a teleforum sponsored by the Marketing Communicators Section of IACP. Dana McCauley, owner of Dana McCauley and Associates, a firm that tracks food marketing trends, was the speaker. Her survey found that 48% of people without kids find it difficult to find recipes for two. Empty nesters and families use recipes the most often. One of the other participants commented that because of the downturn in the economy it's possible that people will be eating at home more often. In addition Dana also provided suggestions for recipe and new product development specifically targeted at boomers. All this information is very encouraging to me as I work on The Ultimate Empty Nesters Cookbook.

Dana has a newsletter on trends and an interesting blog that I've added to my links.

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Dana McCauley said...

Hey Pat!

Nice to see you enjoyed my teleforum! Also glad to finally make it over to your blog - I know I said I'd drop by when we met in New Orleans but time has flown.

GOod luck with your book. Hope testing and writing are going well.