Monday, July 14, 2008

Strawberry Summer

The local strawberries have been yummy this summer. Every time I bite into one it reminds me of the fresh berries I had as a child. When I bite into local berries they have a similar taste to the large commercial ones but the flavor explodes in your mouth in triple intensity and just thinking about them makes my mouth water. It's easy to tell locally grown organic berries they have uneven shapes and come in many sizes! Tonight we're enjoying them in a simple salad (made with Farmer's Market leaf lettuce)and for dessert topped with whipped organic cream. It's been a Farmer's Market Summer. This Saturday I'm doing my cake demo at the Mill City Farmer's Market for the celebration of the 150th Birthday of Minnesota Statehood and hope to top miniature pieces of Tres leches Cake with the first fresh raspberries of the season!

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Dana McCauley said...

Our strawberry season here in Ontario has been a blip. We've had a lot of rain this summer and our June was cool so we didn't get large or very sweet berries. And, the ones we did get spoiled almost immediately after picking. Sigh.