Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Taste of the Twin Cities

Last night we attended the Taste of the Twin Cities. It is sponsored by a group of local restaurants as a part of the Aquatennial. Looking at the list of restaurants I discovered I only missed two. The food is served in very small portions, sometimes just a bite, and that works well because there are SO many bites! My favorites were the Grilled Shrimp with Fresh Tomatoes and Pesto from Luci Ancora and the Beet and Cherry Gazpacho with Tarragon and Black Pepper Creme Fraiche from Solera, a tapas restaurant. The unusual flavor combination was amazing- a little sweet and a little beet flavor contrasted by the tang of the creme fraiche and a cool velvety texture. I think that was my favorite. Mini Beef Wellingtons from Murrays were hard to resist. For the event, they served a slice of beef and a little pastry puff filled with minced mushrooms. It was a beautiful night and after sampling as much as we could we sat at a table along the Mississippi River in downtown and went back later for a few last tastes!

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