Wednesday, October 15, 2008

More About Ireland and Fabulous Food

Last night my daughter called to report on her trip to Montreal. She and her husband ate at two highly rated restaurants and had the tasting menus at each. One had a seven course and the other a five tasting menu.She had taken notes so she could describe both in detail. They have a wide variety of foods and several courses were developed to highlight contrast in flavors and textures. It reminded me of the fabulous food we enjoyed in Ireland.

At the Lemon Peel in Westport, I had a pumpkin risotto with red onion and a drizzle of balsamic. Mascarpone cheese in the sauce made is very creamy and rich. For lunch one day in Dublin, we ate at Davy Byrne's Pub. I had Dublin Bay prawns wrapped on phyllo, deep fried and served with a slightly sweet spicy chili sauce. My husband had deep-fried brie with cranberry coulis served on a wild greens salad. This is pub food? It was delicious.

Another meal of not occurred at The Winding Stair (it really was a winding stair to the restaurant on the second floor). I sat facing the window looking across the Liffey to Temple Bar and watched the lights slowly twinkle on as the sky darkened. We started with Potted Crab, a classic dish, that really wasn't to American tastes or at least, not exciting to us. I had fresh lake trout from Lough Nenagh that was meaty on flavorful. Everywhere our entrees were served with fresh vegetables. Unfortunately we end the meal with Mixed Fruit Trifle- I asked about the fruit and was told it was apples, pears and plums but it actually was canned fruit cocktail. A massive (we'd say huge) disappointment.

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